December Featured Business: Dravynmoor atelier

At LadyFaire Living, we want to celebrate and support female-led businesses that are outside the gates of the Renaissance Festival. We hope to appeal to our readers’ sense of elegant style, both in garb and at home. We discovered this beautiful artist, whose crowns, jewelry, and armor are accompanied by the most beautiful handmade crystal snowflakes for your tree. The jewelry makes a beautiful personal gift, the ornaments are perfect for an office exchange.


Fancy yourself a pirate or princess… fairy or warrior?

Whatever your fairy tale, Castle Dravynmoor designs handmade Jewelry, Crowns, and other fantasy inspired finery for those of discriminating style and taste.

Custom design services available… your wish is Dravymoor’s command.


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A writer and storyteller by trade, throughout the course of my career, I have led with curiosity. Much like Alice, I love the opportunity to ask questions and look at situations through different lenses. It’s a great way to find unexpected solutions or new ideas.

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