Eimar Burke: Spirit and Light for Beltane

Síocháin, suaimhneas, solas agus grá.

Peace, tranquility, light and love.

In June of 2020, Eimear Burke was installed as the Chosen Chief of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. In March of 2021, I had the pleasure of speaking with her via Zoom from Kilkenny, IE to Evergreen, TX. Initially, my plan had been to record the interview for recollection and reference purposes only. However, upon re-watching the video, I realized that I would never be able to capture the essence, pure light, and melodic Irish lilt of this Chosen one in textual context alone. So, I asked for permission to show the video in place of a written article. Our lovely LadyFaire editor obliged. And I was grateful. 

From the moment she appeared on the screen—with flowing locks of white, a harp producing a subdued, elegant soundtrack for our conversation in the background, and the warmth of her smiling eyes—I knew the next forty-five minutes of my life were going to be potentially lifechanging. And they were. Listening to this exquisite An Dámh (Bard or Storyteller) share about her love of nature, life, healing, intuition, and ritual, opened my eyes to the world around me and softened the hardening edges of my spirit. My hope is that viewing our conversation will offer you whatever you might need today. May you find peace, tranquility, light, love, and/or something more as you meet Eimear Burke, hear her words, and experience her open-hearted wisdom. Sláinte!  

JT Morse tiptoes the fine line between recklessness and bravery every time her fingers grace the keys. A multi genre writer, Morse pens everything from corporate web content to deeply heartfelt essays, from award-winning horror fiction to eye-catching ekphrastic poetry. This retired singer/dancer/actor, now prefers flexing her creative muscles for the written-word muse but has still been known to show up centerstage from time to time. If missing, she’ll more than likely be found hiding out in the barn, grooming the rescue horses while listening to a podcast from NPR at her SE Texas homestead. To learn more about JT Morse, visit her website JTMorseWriter.com or find her on social media outlets: @JTMorseWriter. 

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A writer and storyteller by trade, throughout the course of my career, I have led with curiosity. Much like Alice, I love the opportunity to ask questions and look at situations through different lenses. It’s a great way to find unexpected solutions or new ideas.

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