Playlist: Shine Out, Faire Sun!

We’ve gathered songs about summer fairies, beaches, and warm sunshine. For those who have summer faires to celebrate, this mix is a great soundtrack for your journey to the festival. For those who must wait for their faire’s next season, this list can make your summer picnics and vacay drives a bit, well, sunnier! It’s a mix of New Age faves, current pop, classic rock, and American standards. Artists include the Beach Boys, Loreena McKennitt, and The Head and the Heart. Don’t forget your sunscreen and parasol when you’re enjoying these tunes outdoors! Available on Spotify and iTunes

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The mission of LadyFaire is to encourage people, particularly women and femmes, to recognize the beauty and magic in their world while developing their inner strength and connections with others so that they can live abundant, creative, empowered lives. Words build bridges to relationships, art strengthens the soul, and authentic friendships change the world.

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