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We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to connecting with you.

photo by Bryan Key

Victoria Audley is a writer and folklorist with degrees in philosophy and museum education. She has performed at the Texas Renaissance Festival as a Highland dancer and as the White Swan. When she isn’t writing ghost stories and fairytales, she can be found baking, reading, and attempting to convince the neighbourhood cats to let her pet them. She currently lives in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, with her husband and twenty-one fake crows.

Photos: James Stender, Brooke Allison

What does a gal with bachelor’s degrees in Art and Russian from the University of Texas do with her life?  OBVIOUSLY she becomes an actor, director, theater producer, wife, full-time stay-at -home mom, history buff, crafter, wine lover, paralegal, and general over achiever.  Stacy Bakri loves every role she’s played from stage classics, to the iconic Mona Lisa at the Texas Renaissance Festival, to being a hands on mom to her own kids and for anyone else who needs it, and helping people plan for what happens after their timely demise.  Her mission is to make life for those around her a little bit easier.

Photos: James Stender, Cidnie Carroll

Christine Boyett Barr is an award-winning journalist and English instructor, teaching middle school and college English.In addition to her pedagogical pursuits, she hosts movie events for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and portrays Catherine of Aragon at the Texas Renaissance Festival. She is the mother of four, and is owned by two cats. 

Photo by James Stender, Lou Taylor

Hilary Bryant is a writer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. She uses her perspective as a storyteller to explore what is beautiful, weird, and hard about being a human. Past and current projects include comedies about dating a war veteran with PTSD (Love and War) and a modern “Mary Poppins-esque” series about a young divorcee processing the end of her marriage (Aftering). She is the co-host and producer of Cereal Bowl, a popular variety show in LA that highlights and brings together some very cool, very talented people! She loves loves coffee and wine and kombucha (basically all beverages) and is the proud dog mom to the cutest girl in the whole world, Maizy – she will fight you about that. 

Travis Bryant is a lover of magic, mystery, myth, and the power of storytelling. His eclectic explorations have led him to explore the realms of religion, spirituality, communication, and the stories that create community. He earned a BA from Lubbock Christian University and a Master of Science in Communication from the Newhouse School of Communication at Syracuse University. (Married to Kim Bryant and the father of three and grandfather of two), He lives in the greater Houston area where he serves as the Executive Director of PR, Marketing and Communications at Lone Star College-Montgomery.

Becky Courington is an award-winning author and scholar who is surprised every morning when she wakes up and remembers she is a marine geology editor. She technically earned three degrees, but SMU insisted you can’t triple major in English no matter how many credit hours you have in different areas of focus, so she officially has only one. Her hobbies include sewing, sculpting, writing, acting, and starting kitchen fires, and she wants to know if you’re registered to vote.

With 30 years on the Renfest circuit, Rhonni DuBose has done everything from designing shops that she and her husband built for vendors, to working in kitchens, to hairbraiding, to middle management, menu development, and now owning and managing restaurants within the Texas Renaissance Festival. Her newest project is Tea and Strumpets, a seasonal tearoom within the grounds of TRF, and its line of teas inspired by dynamic women from history. Teas are available at 

Intrepid children’s social worker by day, single mother to four school age kids by night, Jennifer Elyse is never bored. After earning degrees in English, creative writing, and medieval studies, Jennifer discovered that her passions extended in a variety of additional directions that include child and animal welfare, social sciences, and theater arts. She performed at renaissance festivals for 25 years, and dabbled in community theater, TV, and film acting for several years in between. A published author and devout bibliophile, Jennifer continues to write The Great Aberrant Novel in her head, and fully expects to put it on paper before she is 100.

With a bed in Harlem and a heart in Texas, theatre activist Reesa Graham has spent most of her life  working both onstage and backstage. Her current focus is on directing new works and Shakespeare, and in her spare time, she dances competitive Irish Dance and social Scottish Dance, snuggles her old lady cat, and reads a bunch. Her alternate persona is a fairy named Rowan, whom she has been playing for over 20 years.

Photo(right): Sarah Barnes

Kristen Johnston is a professional archer and lifetime performer. She began her training in dance at the age of two and pursued a career in classical ballet. After completing her BFA and MPA, her interests turned back towards archery. Training with the mantra “Do whatever it takes and start now.” has led her to two world titles, multiple national titles and numerous state, regional and local titles in longbow, recurve and Asiatic. She has been named an Archery Influencer and has been featured on programs such as The Push Archery and Quickshots. Preforming The Longbow Show and sharing the joy of traditional archery with others is her passion. Kris is honored to captain the professional shooting team “Trad Tour”.  She owns a traditional archery shop with her husband, is the mother to two children and is a Level 2 USA Archery Certified Instructor. 

Angela Lorio has been successfully living in both the 21st and 16th centuries since the mid 90’s. She has been a successful and award-winning educator for close to 30 years, teaching science at ALPHA Academy during the week, and educating the crowds at the Texas Renaissance Festival from the back of Sampson the Warhorse on the weekends. In her spare time, Angela writes, draws, sews, and follows her own Jedi path to light.

JT Morse tiptoes the fine line between recklessness and bravery every time her fingers grace the keys. A multi genre writer, Morse pens everything from corporate web content to deeply heartfelt essays, from award-winning horror fiction to eye-catching ekphrastic poetry. This retired singer/dancer/actor, now prefers flexing her creative muscles for the written-word muse but has still been known to show up centerstage from time to time. If missing, she’ll more than likely be found hiding out in the barn, grooming the rescue horses while listening to a podcast from NPR at her SE Texas homestead. To learn more about JT Morse, visit her website or find her on social media outlets: @JTMorseWriter. 

Angela Staha holds both a Bachelor’s degree in Art as well as Science, has been a multimedia artist since childhood, and is currently the head costumer at the Texas Renaissance Festival, where she’s worked in many capacities since the late 1980s. As a lane actor, she enjoys rich interaction with patrons; in the shop she revels in sharing that experience with younger actors as they develop characters. She has received two Monty awards, a prestigious theatrical award in Montgomery County, north of Houston, for local theater costuming. She directs the faery troupe at Sherwood Forest fair where the troupe makes all of its own costuming and props. Angela has also dabbled in cosplay at conventions, where she sells hand crafted items: leather, jewelry, resin craft, wood craft, and of course, costumes. “Let’s play dress up and make some art together!”

Kim Bryant is a veteran performer, educator, and writer. With 25 years teaching experience, an adjunct professorship in Theatre, twenty years in the festival world, she brings a wealth of experience to LadyFaire Living. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Education from Lubbock Christian University and her Master’s degree in Theatre from the University of Houston. The 2010 winner of the prestigious Texas Educational Association Lynn Murray Scholarship, Kim has studied at Actor’s Studio of Chicago, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, and at New York’s Lincoln Center. Kim has three grown children, Hilary, Travis, and Libby; two bonus grandchildren, Ally and JJ; and two grandbabies, Hazel and Ezekiel.

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