Autumn Magic: A Playlist

Autumn festivals with old friends, falling leaves, velvet cloaks, warm cider and warmer campfires, it’s time to celebrate!

Our team curated a fabulous, diverse playlist for you, our readers. It’s a mix of styles and moods to help you get in touch with your festival persona, your Halloween aura, your Autumn inclination, and your feminine power. You’ll find classics from Ella Fitzgerald, Celtic tunes from Loreena McKennitt, and a whole bunch of indie pop and classic rock. It’s available on iTunes and Spotify. We hope you’ll enjoy!


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The mission of LadyFaire is to encourage people, particularly women and femmes, to recognize the beauty and magic in their world while developing their inner strength and connections with others so that they can live abundant, creative, empowered lives. Words build bridges to relationships, art strengthens the soul, and authentic friendships change the world.

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