A Playlist for falling in Love: A Preserving Sweet

Ah, the joy of falling in love! And what better way to celebrate being in love on Valentine’s Day than a happy playlist named, to quote famed lover Romeo, “A preserving sweet”?

Our team curated a fabulous, diverse music playlist for you, our Renaissance Festival aficionados and readers. It’s a mix of styles and moods to help you get in touch with your romantic side. We’ve collected songs from the second half of the twentieth century to songs that are popular right now, jazz standards to 80s pop to contemporary singer/songwriters. Click the link to open iTunes in a new tab, or look for us on Spotify and iTunes: LadyFaire: A Preserving Sweet. Then make a warm beverage and snuggle with a loved one.

Artists include Sara Bareilles, The Corrs, Ella Fitzgerald, and the Highwomen.

We hope you’ll enjoy!


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The mission of LadyFaire is to encourage people, particularly women and femmes, to recognize the beauty and magic in their world while developing their inner strength and connections with others so that they can live abundant, creative, empowered lives. Words build bridges to relationships, art strengthens the soul, and authentic friendships change the world.

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