Featured Business: Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery

Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery was born in a tiny kitchen overflowing with love and magic.

In 2008, self-proclaimed Kitchen Witch, Dawn Aurora Hunt happed to be on a mailing list for springtime Beltane festival that was in need of workshop presenters. Impassioned by her love of food, and the art of mindful, seasonal cooking, Dawn volunteered to present a small talk on Kitchen Witchery. “Why not?” she thought.

Accompanied by her husband, a few bottles of homemade herbal infused olive oils, recipe cards printed on a home printer, and a picnic blanket filled with friends and snacks, she embarked on her very first event. The workshop was a great success, and the olive oils sold out before she could blink. Who knew there was such a need for magical meals and delicious ingredients imbued with positive energy and tons of flavor? 

Over the course of the next few years Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery started popping up at all kinds of events, from fairy conventions to Pagan Pride days, or from Farmers Markets to her beloved Renaissance faires. After all, everyone eats! Feeding the kindred spirits at faires felt like coming home, or rather, inviting all those fellow Rennie friends to come to the Kitchen Witch’s home. With delicious gourmet infused olive oils, authentic risotto mixes, and even kitchen witchy tools like cutting boards and wooden spoons, Cucina Aurora brings magic and love into every meal. Just look at the ingredients on the package; LOVE is listed first. That is because each and every item is made by hand with intention, visualization, and meditation practices so the products are not just delicious, but also imbued with energy and positive vibes. 

As the years have passed, Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery has grown into a thriving gourmet foods business. Dawn herself is CEO of a team that is more family than employees. She has graduated from the occasional workshop in the park to a published author, with her new book from Simon & Schuster Publishing, A Kitchen Witch’s Guide to Recipes for Love & Romance released just a few months ago. But in her heart, she’s still a striped-sock wearing, Ren Faire loving, pun telling goober who finds her happy place feeding faire friends and bringing a little magic into their kitchens. 

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