It’s All About Love: A Note From The Editor

I just got back from my first-ever solo trip. Having just made it through the wretchedness of a bout with COVID, I felt a need to get out of the house (fully masked when amongst others, always). I took my reduced lung capacity and physical stamina and an abundance of gratitude for surviving out on the road, striking out to visit the Brevard Renaissance Festival in Melbourne, Florida, with stops at both Atlantic and Gulf beaches and New Orleans along the way. I journaled extensively, my life has undergone upheaval at its core over the last few months and I needed to process and be okay with loving myself. We’ve all had those moments of seismic shift, haven’t we?

What I learned in ten days of time spent almost exclusively amongst strangers is that love is powerful, that connection with others is the fuel that keeps us going, enabling us to experience rich, full lives.

Love might be found romantic connection, which is widely celebrated with the upcoming Valentine’s Day; it might also be familial, friendly, or even the deep affection we have for our companion animals. But I believe love should also be about looking beyond our immediate circles to the world-at-large. Love can be extended to people of other races and creeds, of other belief systems and faiths. Love may be expressed in art, in daily kindness, in the sharing of our resources and the caring stewardship of our planet.

Love is fully realized in forgiveness and its potency is understood when we walk in grief, whether it’s a grief caused by physical death or the loss of a relationship. Those are the moments when our capacity to love is tested and proven.

In this issue, we’ve explored love from many angles: discovering it at a Renaissance Festival, expressing it in art, giving tokens of it for the upcoming holiday, and processing its inevitable loss. We hope this month finds you in authentic connection with someone you love. And if you don’t think you have anyone, reach out to us. We’d love to know you better.

With Warmest Regards and Multitudinous Huzzahs,

Kim Bryant, Editor-In-Chief, LadyFaire Living Magazine

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